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Pee Hole Play Insertions, Pee Hole Play Stretching,Peehole Stretching and PeeHole Tortures

Pee Hole Play Insertions and Pee hole play Stretching. Fisting, Anal and Vaginal Fisting, Extreme Insertions, Sex, Object Fucking, Bizarre Insertions & Penetrations, Pussy Sewing, Cunt Stiching, Pee Hole Insertions, Sex Slaves Tortures, Needles Play, Infibulation, Foley Catheter Urethra Insert, Anal Stretching Dilatations. Amateur Asian BDSM and Extreme Hardcore Sex ! This is MissXtreme !

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pussy clamp tortures Pussy Stretching Bladder Control with Extreme Pee Hole Play Insertions Part # 1

MissXtreme is tied up to the Torture Post with her tits in hard bondage. Her Pussy lips are tortured with clamps and weights. Then her bladder is filled up with 500 cc, locked up. She will now indure 50 mn of bladder control while her ass and pussy and Pee Hole are getting violated with extreme objects insertions...then another 50 mn of violations in Part #2 Extreme Pee Hole Play.

Running Time: 62 mn

pee hole stretching Pussy Stretching Bladder Control with Extreme Pee Hole Play Insertions Part # 2

In Part #2 the violations of her orifices are multiplied. Pussy, Ass, Peehole are all penetrated with Speculums, Dildoes, and Cottons Buds.
8 Cottons Buds are inserted into her pee Hole,Pee hole play stretching it to the limit. Her Ass Hole prolapse is stretched wide with the Speculum, allowing a great inside view, inserted with dildoes, then finaly, her Rose Butt is sodomized...

Running Time: 50 mn

catheter pee hole play Bladder Washing and Pee Hole Play Catheter Stretching

Bladder Washing. After spreading her Pussy Wide Open, MissXtreme insert the Foley Catheter into her Pee Hole and Bladder and get filled up with 500 CC of water. She Pisses it out through a Second Catheter inserted in her Pee Hole. A couple of litters of water are run though her Bladder. The Bladder Washing is completed. Now, Pee Hole Play Stretching Weird Object Insertions games starts; Cotton Buds, Needles Plastic Caps, Massager Handle are all shoved into her Pee Hole... Extreme Pee Hole Play and Pee Hole Play Stretching

Running Time: 84 mn

pee hole play stretching with hair brush Pee Hole Play Stretching With Catheter and Brush

MissXtreme Is attacking her Pee Hole with the Handle of the Small Hair Brush. After acomplishing a fair amout of Bleeding, she now empties her bladder thought the Catheter right into a small japanese wooden bucket. She then start inserting, the Big Hair Brush Handle and the small back massager handle into her Pee Hole.... Extreme pee hole play insertions and pee hole stretching.

Running Time: 46 mn

japanese bondage Japanese Bondage and Catheter Pee Hole Play

MissXtreme is getting initiated to the japanese bondage 'Crotch rope shibari". She is suspended, fucked with the long pole dildo, pussy and ass.
She is then inserted with a catheter filled up with 500 cc and complelled to piss it out over and over and over... Pee Hole Play

Running Time: 100 mn

tits hanging, suspended by her tits Tits Hanging Suspended by her Tits and Pee Hole PlayTortured with a Foley Catheter

MissXtreme tits are bounded and she is hanged from them. Then the tortures starts.She is inserted with the catheters, speculum, chains, compelled to stretch her pussy lips with clamps and finaly pussy waxed. Extreme Pee Hole Play and Pee hole Insertions

Running Time: 62 mn

extreme object insertions Pee Hole Play Insertions Extreme Object Insertions

MissXtreme is Stretching her Pee Hole with some Rods that she pounds in with The Hammer !. The Bottle Brush is then inserted deep into her vagina.The Foley Catheter is ripped out from her Pee Hole, The Giant Paint Brush inserted. Big Dildoes are inserted into her wet pussy as well as a Speculum and 60 cm of Heavy Chain. Extreme Pee Hole Play and Pee hole Insertions

Running Time: 35 mn

catheter peehole tortures 3 Catheters in one Pee Hole. Extreme Pee Hole Play and Pee hole Insertions

MissXtreme is at it again peehole attack with 3 catheters at once! She empties a very full bladder, then she gets refilled with 500 CC, piss again.
Now she is ready for the PeeHole tortures. Bigger and bigger paint brushes are inserted 15 cm deep inside her bladder,,,Ouch! Extreme Pee Hole Play and Pee hole Insertions

Running Time: 34 mn

catheter pee hole insertions Pee Hole Play Torture and Pissing with Foley Catheter.

Pee Hole Play Torture Sex Slave first time!.Her PeeHole is first stretched with Tools, then the Foley Catheter is used to fill her her bladder with 500CC! After she is complelled to piss all over herself and to fill up her own speculum stretched vagina with the Pee. Nasty PeeHole movie, real screams from this first timer, Specialy when I try my finger inside herpee hole! Extreme Pee Hole Play and Pee hole Insertions

Running Time: 23 mn

miss extreme catheter pee hole torture Pee Hole Play Stretching with Foley Catheter

MissXtreme Is Stretching her PeeHole (urethral insertions) with a fully inflated Foley Catheter
Ripping it through her bladder and Pee Hole..
Now it's Bleeding! Extreme urethral stretching! Extreme Penetrations Catheter Fetish!

Running Time: 28 mn

Peehole insertion Catheter Pissing Pee Hole Play Insertions

MissXtreme is Making a Pissing Drink for you.
A catheter in her peehole, a tulip wine glass, and a bladder full of piss. That is all what MissXtreme needs to show you one of the weirdest pissing movie you will ever see anywhere The 15 inches long catheter is introduced up her pee hole. She fills glasses after glasses with beautiful piss. Even dildoes herself with a huge vegetable to make sure every last drops comes out. Extreme Pee Hole Play and Pee hole Insertions

Running Time: 20 mn

pee hole insertion Pee Hole Play Electro Piss, Catheter and Pegs

MissXtreme Electro Speculum and PeeHoleCatheter Play
A speculum plug on the electro-torture machine.
A hard catheter is then inserted and manipulated into her pissing Pee hole
Then some pegs are added to spread the pink even more.
Full close ups, of Pee Hole Tortures. Party time!! Extreme Pee Hole Play and Pee hole Insertions

Running Time: 40 mn

peehole stretching Pen in Pee Hole Play Insertion and Gapping

Missextreme insert a pen in her Pee Hole to get a nice Pee Hole Stretching.
The long pen is inserted far, right up into her bladder. PeeHole Insertion and Gaping. Extreme Pee Hole Play and Pee hole Insertions

Running Time: 16 mn

peehole catheter insertion Pee Hole Bladder Games Double Pee Hole Play Insertion

Missextreme Catheter Pee Hole insertions

MissXtreme as a good slave obeys MajorTom orders Sticking the Boss favorite necklace pendant into her Pee Hole. It hurts, for sure, and soon she got a bleeding PeeHole. The games goes on, with 8 inch long ¼ inch diameter Paint Brush inserted in her PeeHole all the way up to inside her bladder Then a tooth brush is inserted in her PeeHole …. The Pleasure of Pain, the Pain of Pleasure.

Running Time: 20 mn

peehle candle insertion Pee Hole Candle Extreme Insertion

Flaming Candle in Pussy and Pee Hole play
MissXtreme likes danger. Pussy danger. Sticking a candle in her vagina, she lights it up. Waiting for the flame to come so close it starts burning her pussy. Then she insert it in her Pee Hole She love this king of fire play. She want to do so more in the future. For you to enjoy.

Running Time: 4 mn

catheter insertion Catheter Pee Hole Play & Bladder Torture

Miss extreme is palying with her Catheter and a Paint Brush Full Closeup Peehole Insertion and Hard Catheter Insert Pissing.
In part 2 Missextreme dildoes her pee hole long and deep, with the 15 inches catheter Fully inserted, torturing her bladder. She lets you enjoy the view with full close ups of the dripping pee on her pussy. Pushing hard, making her G-spot pop out for you to see. She is one weird Girl ! Extreme Pee Hole Play and Pee hole Insertions

Running Time: 22 mn

double peehole insertion Pee hole Play Double Insertion. Extreme Double Insertion Closeups

MissXtreme Double Pee Hole Play Insetions and Pussy Games
After getting her legs in bondage she spread her pussy with some clothes pegs.
Stick a catheter in her PeeHole and a long piercing rod up her Urethra. Double pee Hole Insertions Stretching . Then the clear plastic cone in her vagina, spreading it open as much as she can stand it. She finishes with a chain though her 3 clit rings, pulling so hard, it's nearly going to tear her clitoris hood apart.

Running Time: 15 mn

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