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hot wax tourmentSuspension and Hot Wax BDSM Tourments

MissXTreme First Time Suspension and Hot Wax Tits, Pussy and Ass tourment. She is trying hard to avoid the falling burning wax but there is no escape. Her Tits, Pussy and Ass are waxed to the max. The Burning Wax tourment goes on burning her Pussy and ass. This is her first time Experience with Extreme Suspentions. She liked it and is going to have so more BDSM Suspension soon...
Running Time: 24 mn
Suspention and Hot Wax Pictures Samples
MissXtreme First Time Suspention and Hot Wax Pussy and Ass tourment
hot was on pussy pussy tourment with hot wax suspention and wax
MissXtreme Suspention
That Little Bitch was twisting all over trying to escape the rope!

bottle brush in pussy insertion Pee Hole Insertions Extreme Pussy & Ass Object Insertions

MissXtreme is Stretching her Pee Hole with some Rods that she pounds in with The Hammer !. The Bottle Brush is then inserted deep into her vagina. Extreme Object Fucking. The Foley Catheter is ripped out from her Pee Hole, The Giant Paint Brush inserted. Big Dildoes are inserted into her wet pussy as well as a Speculum and 60 cm of Heavy Chain.
Running Time: 35 mn
Extreme Object Insertions Pictures Samples
Pee Hole Extreme Close Ups
bottle brush pussy fuck peehole bruch fuck pussy labia stretching
The Bottle Brush is really doing a nice Job at Scrubbing it!!!

bondage Movie #1 " First Times Extreme Insertions "

MissXtreme first time in front of a Camera. Extreme Pussy tourments, Full pink close up. First Times First time she sees a camera . But she doesn't get shy. First, the electric dildo, full speed, Then 2 dildos in her pussy, Her first time Water Balloon tourment; Pussy expansion with 500cc Water Balloon...First Time BDSM Pussy Stretching & Extreme Object Pussy, Ass Insertions
Running Time: 60 mn
MissXtreme First Times
You will notice..No Clitoris Hood Piercing and No Tatto yet
double dildo fuck anal dildo penetration extreme object pussy insertions
First Times, Water Balloon Pussy Stretching, Dildos Insertions...
You can see in this early movie how much she likes Nasty Insertions Sex

anal fistingAnal Fisting Extreme Anal Penetration

MissXtreme First Time Anal Fisting MissXtreme is getting a very violent Ass Fisting by MajorTom. Bleeding, She screams is pain asking for more.
After coming really hard, her asshole is destroyed, but she wants to come again!!!
A pussy fisting follows, till she noisily comes again.
Running Time: 21 mn
MissXtreme First Anal Fisting
Violent First Time Anal Fisting
anal first time anal first time fisting balloon 1
End up with Screams and a bl00dy Mess !!!

clitoris stretchingClitoris Stretching

MissXtreme is Strechting her Clitoris Hood..so you get a better view of the Massive 3 Pearls Hard Wood Dildo With 3 Rings under the hood; The Snake Eyes, The Scorpion and the Devil Ring, And bonded legs, she can't escape! The Pain of Pleasure, The Pleasure of Pain. That chain pulling on the Devil ring sure hurts a bit.The Mooloochin, a big wooden dildo, is inserted, Extreme Insertions.
Running Time: 6 mn
Clitoris Hood Stretching
MissXtreme is Miss-Treating her Clitoris Hood
clitoris tourment wooden home mase dildo home made dildo
And Fucking Herself Deep with a Home Made Hard Wood Dildo

anal insertionCone 2 Anal Stretching Expansion

Extreme Penetration Closeups Pussy & Ass Gaping Cone Insertions. Full deep exploration of her Pussy and Anal caves. Extreme Insertion with a clear plastic cone gives an deep and intimate view of the most secret part of her anatomy. MissXtreme enjoys very much those deep introspection, specialy the anal expansion feeling that come with it. Anal BDSM Stretching. Close Ups.
Running Time: 15mn
Anal Stretching
MissXtreme Anal Stretching and ButtCam
anal clear plastic insertion anal stretching anal object fucking
The Clear Anal Butt Plug gives a Great Anal View

pee hole stretchingPussy Games Extreme Pee Hole Penetration

MissXtreme PeeHole and Pussy Games MissXtreme after getting her legs in bondage she spread her pussy with some clothes pegs. Stick a catheter and a long piercing rod up her Pee Hole. Then the clear plastic cone in her vagina, spreading it open as much as she can stand it. She finishes with a chain though her 3 clit rings, pulling so hard, it's nearly going to tear her clitoris off.
Running Time: 14 mn
Extreme Insertions Close-ups Samples
Pee Hole Catheter Insertions
catheter in pee hole pee hole tourment vaginal stretch
The Clear Cone Give a Perfect View of her Most Intimates Parts

double dildoAss & Pussy Dildo Insertion Double Penetration

MissXtreme Sticking a Dildo up her Pussy and Anther one up Her Ass MissXtreme like to look inside her pussy, gyno style. Spreading herself with a speculum. She can get a better view of her G-Spot
She insert as well an electric dildo up her ass, to stimulate it even better.
Fully impaling herself for your viewing pleasure. Double Extreme insertions
Running Time:8 mn

water balloon pussy expansionWater Explosion Water Balloon Pussy Stretching

Extreme Penetration Water Balloon Pussy Expensions Weird Extreme Fetish Hardcore Pussy tourment Trying hard to get the third Wooden ball i!; Some water balloon pussy expansions will help! MissXtreme switches to the huge water balloon and make the stretching last as long as she can! She is wide open, screaming, the balloon fully inflated but the sharp scorpion ring and its dart...Extreme Insertions
Running Time: 35 mn
Water Balloon Pussy Stretching tourments
Extreme Water Balloon Pussy Stretching
water balloon pussy stretching pussy water tourment puss water balloon explosion
Something Gotta Gives...This Time It's The Balloon

lesbian dildo insertionsFirst Time Electric Dildo and Vegetebale Dildo Pussy Fuck

Lesbian Initiation MissXtreme is initiating her childhood friend to the joy of masturbation with vegetable dildos. After getting her legs in bondage, she is G-Spot fingered by MissXtreme. Then he is penetrated with an egg plant. finaly she gets on all four to be Pussy Fucked with one of the biggest local vegetable.. All in all a nice afternoon for this new sex girl. Dildo Fucking.
Running Time: 47 mn
First Time Lesbians
First Time she sees a Dildo
lesbian dildo asian lesbian pussy close up
But she is a quick learner

tits hanging, suspended by her tits Tits Hanging Suspended by her Tits

MissXtreme tits are in Hard Bondage. She is hanging by the Tits. Then the game starts.She is inserted with the foley catheters and just to ripped them out though her Pee Hole, stretch her pussy lips with clamps. All while she has 60 centimeters of heavy chain inserted deep inside her Ass and finaly She is gets a Nice Hot Wax Pussy games.
Running Time:60 mn
Suspention by the Tits Free Samples
Bonded, Suspended and Analy Abused
chain inserted in pussy chain inserted in ass peehjoel stretching
With 2 catheters in the pee hole

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balloon games fetishBalloon Pussy Insertions Fetish. Ass & Pussy Stretching

MissXtreme is inserting all kind of blown up Party Balloons in her Ass & Pussy and Burst them up with a needle. A Speculum up her Ass helps to get more Balloon in her fuck holes. Then MissXtreme Fucks "The Huge Balloon Pump" out of rage, then gets a Deep Pussy Fisting and a good Fucking to conclude. That is what we call a nice afternoon around here. Extreme Object Fucking & Extreme Insertions!
Running Time:60 mn
Anal & Pussy Balloon Stretching Pictures
Up my Ass and My Pussy the Party Ballons goes
party balloon in pussy party balloon insertion fuck the pump
Then I fuck the Balloon Pump

needles pussy tourmentPussy Sewing Second Time.

MissXtreme is getting another Pussy Infibulation. She enjoys the Infibulation feeling and while still all stitched up her Tiny Pussy Slit and Anal Hole are violated with fingers and dildo. She is then un-stitched and starts to insert dildoes and a big bottle up her ass. Finaly MissXtreme gets the Violent Anal Fisting and the RoseButt she was longing for...She spreads it out for You to take a good look...
Running Time: 60 mn
Pussy Sewing Pictures
Second Time Pussy Infibulation
infibulation pussy sewingneedles pussy tourmentextreme pussy and anl gape
And Violently Sodomized

extreme dildo pussy fuckDildo Fest Home Made Dildoes and Sybian Pussy Fucking

Pussy Fucking. MissXtreme is using The Terminator, Big Bottles, The Balloon Pump, Milk Bottles to warm up, then she sit on the home made Sybian Dildo and fuck her pussy silly. Extreme Insertons.
As usual this videos if full of Extreme Object Insertions Close up shots. MissXtreme hypertrophied G-Spot is fully Exposed in all of its intimate details. Objects Fucking
Running Time: 50 mn
Extreme Home Made Dildo Insertions Pictures
Home Made Dildoes Festival
extreme dildoextreme object fuckingmilk bottle fucking
Coke Bottles, Milk Bottle, Balloon Pump, Anything Goes for this swollen G-Spot

tits bondageTits Bondage, Suspention & Nasty Dildoes Pussy & Ass Fuck.

MissXtreme is having her Tits in Hard Bondage and stretched upwards by the weight of her own leg. Tied up to the tourment Post she is first Impaled on The Terminator Dildo, then furiously and violently penetrated, Pussy & Ass with nasty dildoes. Her tits are getting overstretched, her Ass is Burning, her Pussy and G-Spot are all engorged with bl00d and she comes loudly... BDSM
Running Time: 30 mn
Bondage BDSM tourments Pictures
BDSM Sex girl bonded to the "tourment post"
tits suspention suspended by the tits bondage bdsm
And Impaled on Giant Dildos!!!

ballons in pussy Inflatable Balloon in Pussy + Hammer Ass Fucking Insertions

MissXtreme is fucking herself with a vase, long neck bottles, a 6 centimeter diameter dildo and her new Inflatable Toy Balloon with Spykes. After pumping it up inside her Pussy, She indure some painfull Pussy Stretching as she deliver the Nasty Balloon. She then insert a Pen up her Pee Hole, Hammer it in place and takes a Piss, before fucking herself hard up the Ass with The Hammer itself.
Running Time: 55 mn
Home Made Dildoes tourments Pictures
Pussy, Pee Hole. Ass
home made dildopeehole pen insertionhammer in pussy
We Got a Dildo for Every Hole!!!

peehole penetrations3 catheters in One Pee Hole Extreme Insertions

MissXtreme attacks her Pee Hole with 3 catheters at once! She empties a very full bladder, then she gets refilled with 500 CC, piss again. Now she is ready for the PeeHole tourments. Bigger and bigger Paint Brushes are inserted 15 cm deep inside her bladder. The Fully Inflated Foley Catheter is ripped right through her Bladder and Pee Hole till they Bleed. Extreme Object Insertions.
Running Time: 34 mn
Foley Catheter Pee Hole tourments Pictures
Extreme Catheter Medical Fetish
3 catheters peehole stretching peehole stretching with 3 catheters needles pussy tourment
Pee Hole Destruction with 3 Catheters!!!

first time lesbian fistingFirst Time Lesbian Pussy Fisting & Extreme Object Fucking

Our favorite Sex girl is getting the Full Insertion Party.
Fist she Selfisting hersel, going surprisingly Deep for A Debutante, then her Wet Pussy gets the Big Bottle Dildo Extreme Insertion, after she seats and expand her cunt on our home made Double Sybian Dildo , try the Baseball Bat Dildo and finaly get a Full Deep Lesbian Fisting by MissXtreme. Extreme Lesbian Fisting.
Running Time: 44 mn
First Time Lesbian Fisting Pictures
You Always Remenber Your First Time Fisting
milk bottle in pussy home made sibian dildo lesbian pussy fisting
Specialy when it Hurts!!!

anal stretchingExtreme Pussy and Anal Balloon Stretching Insertion

Extreme Anal and Vaginal Object Insertion. MissXtreme is getting a nice Pussy Stertching with Pegs, Then the Water Balloon Pussy Expansions, then EXTREME ANAL STRETCHING with a FULL 500CC Water Balloon. Her ASS is getting all Exploded! It is Now a Perfect RoseButt!!! AMust for Anal tourment Fetish Lovers
Running Time: 30 mn
Extreme Anal Stretching tourments Pictures
BDSM Sex girl get a RoseButt
anal tourments anal extreme stretching anal rosebutt after stretching
Extreme Water Balloon Ass and Pussy Stretching!!!

bl00dy anal fistingBl00dy Pussy Fisting

Very Nasty, Fast and Furious bl00dy Pussy Fisting.
After some Heavy Pussy Sewing, MissXtreme is getting her Pussy freed up from the sewing. Still having not reached orgasum she need more...some Extreme Deep Fast and Furious Pussy Fisting should do the trick...Well lubricated by the bl00d from the Pusy Sewing she is fisted Really Hard. Extreme bl00dy Pussy Fisting.
Running Time: 6.30mn
Bl00dy Fisting Pictures
Fast, Furious, Bloddy Fisting
bl00dy fisting 4 finger fisting bl00dy fisting
Lubricate with bl00d!!! That is the Way!!!

shopsticks pussy tourmentPussy Penetrations Chopsticks. Extreme Objects Insertion.

First Time Fisting, Huge BaseBall Bat Dildo, 69 Chopsticks in her Pussy. Well this kind of Extreme Object Pussy Insertions...it hurts...a lot..and this Sex girl...she is a Screamer...You have been warned! After the Chopsticks I start to dildo her with the Terninator, give her her FIRST TIME FISTING and Finishes her with The BaseBall Bat Dildo. Extreme Pussy Fisting & Extreme Object Fucking
Running Time: 42 mn
Extreme Pussy Stretching tourments Pictures
First It Fells Good Then It Really Hurts
shopsticks pussy insertions shopsticks in pussy shopsticks pussy stretching
Real Screams...Real bl00d!!!

water balloon pussy tourmentPussy Stretching Water Balloon tourments Insertion

Sex girl gets Massive Pussy Stretching with Water Balloon. Extreme Pussy Insertion tourments, It's her first time with BDSM tourment, so of course She enjoys it.The pain I mean.The Water Balloon is Inserted and Inflated multiple times in her Vagina. She starts to enjoy it and gets on all for to get new sensations as her Pussy Hole is Massively Dilated by the Water Balloon. Pussy Stretching Bdsm
Running Time: 40 mn
Extreme Pussy Stretching tourments Pictures
Sex girl First Time Water Balloon Pussy tourment
water ballon pussy stretching water ballon pussy stretching water ballon pussy insertions
Extreme Water Balloon Pussy Stretching!!!

infibulation  pussy tourmentPussy Sewing Pussy Stitching Pussy Infibulation

Pussy Getting Stiched with 6 Big Needles. Pussy Sewing; it was a long time MissXtreme wanted to have a Pussy Sewing aka Pussy Infibulation. So we started with 5 deep stitching with big sewing needles. After testing if she still could get fucked, another deep stitch was added. The most surprising for her and me, was how tough was the skin to get though...Check it out! Pussy Sewing BDSM.
Running Time: 40 mn
Pussy Sewing tourments Pictures
First Time Pussy Sewing Volontary Infibulation
infibulation volontary mutilation pussy sewing  infibulation pussy sewing
MissXtreme Pussy Stretching!!!

needles play on tits26 Needles Pussy and Tits Sex girl Tourments

26 Needles are used to tourment this Asian Sex girl.
First her Tits are "Pierced Deep into the Meat" then, still in bondage her Pussy is Pierced with Needles . Bonded but not gagged so you can hear her screams and begs for the Needles Play on her Tits and Pussy to stop. BDSM Extreme Needles Tits tourments, that is one real nice Needles Play tourments Movie for the Fetish Lovers
Running Time: 30 mn
Tits & Pussy Needles tourments Pictures
BDSM Sex girl get a Taste of the Real Pain
needles tits tourment needles pussy tourment needles pussy piercing
Nothing better than a Sex girl First Time Tortue!!!

peehole catheter insertionPee Hole tourment Foley Catheter f0rced Insertion & Pissing

Extreme PeeHole Penetration with Foley Catheter.
PeeHole tourment Sex girl first time!.Her PeeHole is first stretched with Tools, then the Foley Catheter is used to fill her her bladder with 500CC! After she is f0rced to piss all over herself and to fill up her own speculum stretched vagina with the Pee. Nasty PeeHole movie, real screams from this first timer! Extreme Pee Hole Fucking
Running Time: 23 mn
Foley Catheter Pee Hole tourments Pictures
BDSM Sex girl f0rced to Piss in her Own Vagina
speculum close up pee hole stretching pee hole extreme stretching
Pee Hole Insertions, Catheters, Pain Brush, Medical Cissors!!!

Hot Wax on Tits and Pussy

Hot wax is pourred on the tits and pussy of MissXtreme's friend.
She wanted to try Hot Waxing tourment and now she is screaming in pain as her Pussy and Tits are tourmentd with the Hot Wax. Twisting like a worm under the dripping Hot Wax, she is pulling hard on her harms and legs restrains, but there no escape, until her Pussy is coated in Wax.
Running Time: 21 mn
Hot Waxing tourments Pictures
BDSM Sex girl get a First Time Tits and Pussy Waxing
needles pussy tourment needles  and hot wax pussy tourment needles pussy tourment
I really Enjoyed her Screams!!!

lesbian gamesMissXtreme Lesbians Games

MissXtreme Lesbian Experience.
Playing and laughthing, happy to play with each others young bodies those 2 childhood friends are reunited and abandon themself to some lesbian games. Discovering and kissing each other bodies are very new and emotional experiences for both of them.
Running Time: 21 mn
First Time Lesbians Pictures
Lesbians Games
lesbian first timers lesbian fuck drunk lesbian fuck
Always nice to have a Look at.!!!

cunilingusFirst Time Fuck with a White Man

MissXtreme gave me one of her friend for my Birthday. It was her First Time White Man. I was my duty and honor to do her good. So she gets a nice long cunilingus and starts dripping and panting like a virgin. Now she is ready for her First Time Ever White Man and gets a sweet fuck.She comes twice and seems she want to do it again. Tender intercouse video.
Running Time:21 mn

lesbian toysMissXtreme First Lesbians Experience

MissXtreme got into some Lesbian Games with her friend when they were very young...Now they are at it again. Each of them with a Dildo, in the Pussy, they fuck each other again with Electric Dildos and Bottles. MissXtreme helps her friend to discover her G-Spot and fingers her nicely.They straddle each other, joyfully tying on bigger and bigger Dildos
Running Time:32 mn
Lesbians Dildos Pictures
Dildoing each others Vaginas
lesbian dildo fuck lesbian double fuck lesbian pussy fuck
Lesbians Games !!!

extreme lactationMissXtreme is Milking her Friend

MissXtreme is Tits milking her friend and let the milk drip on her own body. This is a nice video for Milking Amateurs. 2 lesbian friends are playing with the sweet precious liquid.
Spreading it all over her body MissXtreme enjoys the new warm sentation of or friend's milk dripping on her own Tits. Lesbian Sex.
Running Time: 16 mn
Tits Milking Pictures
Lesbian Milking
lactating nipple nipple milk squirting lesbian milk games
HoooSoooo Sweeeetttt!!!

bl00dy catheter pee hole stretching tourment Bl00dy Pee Hole Stretching BDSM Extreme Insertion tourment

MissXtreme Is Stretching her Pee Hole with a Fully Inflated Foley Catheter. Always Games for some Violent Pee Hole action MissXtreme is distroying her Pee Hole. Today she is ripping out a Fully Inflated Foley Catheter through her bladder and Pee Hole... She pulls so hard that Drops of bl00d ends up on the camera lense. For Hardcore Medical Fetish Lovers. Extreme Insertions.
Running Time: 27 mn
Extreme Pee Hole Stretching tourments Pictures
bl00dy peehole stretching peehole catheter stretching extreme peehole stretching with catheter
Extreme Pee Hole Stretching tourments!!!

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deep pussy fisting Deep Pussy Fisting

MissXtreme is getting a Furiously Fast Pussy Fisting and comes very loudly impaling herself deeply on the Fist! Extreme Pussy Fisting Penetration, sometime it's the only thing a girl need. Today MissXtreme Vagina is in need of some Extreme Pussy Stetching and she begged to be fisted...She gets it and ends up in a Extreme bl00dy Pussy Fisting Mess. ExtremSex Pussy Fisting Insertion.
Running Time:12 mn
Deep Pussy Fisting Pictures
"Impale her Pussy on the Fist; MissXtreme Does"
extreme pussy fisting deep vaginal fisting extreme pussy deep fisting
Yoda Said!!!

bottle object fuckingExtreme Dildo Pussy Insertion

Extreme Dildo Pussy Insertion.
Another home made dildo is ravaging MissXtreme Pussy.
Ramming it as deep as she can inside her pussy she comes really good on that new toy. She don't like soft dildos and is always on the look out, while shopping for new and interesting Home Made Dildos. Extreme Object and Dildo Pussy Fucking.
Running Time: 10 mn
Extreme Dildos tourments Pictures
Vagina Destruction
bottle fucking bottle pussy insertions pussy bottle fucking
Pussy Dildo Abuse!!!

sex girl tourmentExtreme Needles Play tourment on Bondaged Tits

MissXtreme bl00d Play , Because it's more Fun to be Tied-Up, tourmentd and Bleeding Than having Boring Softcore Sex!!!
After being tied up and impaled on dildoes...Now, the Real Tits tourment starts. Her tits still in Hard Bondage are pierced with Needles. She is dripping bl00d all over herself... It's A bl00dBath. Extreme BDSM bl00d Play Breast Piercing tourments .
Running Time: 17 mn
Tits Bondage & Needles tourments Pictures
BDSM Sex girl Tits Needles tourments
needles tits tourment needles pussy tourment needles pussy tourment
Real bl00d, Real Pain!

needles pussy tourment12 Needles in One Pussy Extreme Needles Play

MissXtreme 12 Needles Play on One Pussy: 12 Needles Pussy tourments. Piercing her Pussy Lips with 12 Needles is a nice way for MissXtreme to celebrate your "Medical Fetish Lover" status. Speading the Needles with little cotton buds sticks, to better open her Pussy Hole, MissXtreme is giving You a good look at her tourmentd Pussy. Extreme Pee Hole Sex, tourment, BDSM Pussy Piercing
Running Time: 40 mn
Pussy Piercing Needles tourments Pictures
BDSM Sex girl Tits Needles tourments
needles pussy piercing tourment needles pussy tourment needles pussy tourment
Is it some kind of Chastety Belt?

bl00dy anal prolapse Extreme Anal Games

MissXtreme Ass & Pussy Fisting. Just the way she likes it; Furious, Harsh . This girl loves to be pushed hard up to her limits. Extreme Anal Penetrations is the order of the day. She first gets a very persuasive Pussy Fisting. Then, while still fully Fisted, her Ass Hole is penetrated until it's only a nicely exploded RoseButt.
Running Time: 20 mn
bl00dy Ass Fisting Pictures
When Anal Fisting Goes To Far
self anal fisting extreme bl00d anal bl00dy anal fisting
It's a real Nice RoseButt Garanty!!!

big pussy lipsBig Swollen Puss Lips After Extreme Fisting

MissXtreme Big Swollen Pussy Lips after some Heavy Fisting. Never seen that before!. Me Too. It happened and still happens some times. When MissXtreme get fisted a couple of days before her periods comes... fisting help her to release the PMS tensions...It looks like the menstration bl00d drops right into her Pussy lips, getting then all engorged..after a few hours it's gone.
Running Time: 4 mn
Swollen Pussy Lips Pictures
After Heavy Fisting
big pussy lips swollen pussy lips big pussy lips
It only last a Few Hours!!!

sauusage fuckingBig Saussage Pussy Insertions, Extreme Object Fucking

MissXtreme Big Saussage Insertion. A "made to order movie" for one long time friend. He asked for a big saussage insertions movie and MissXtreme gave it to him. Fucking herself Deep and Long on this huge German saussage, she spread her Vagina to absorb it all, before pushing it out slowly to better enjoy the feeling and giving you a good look at her gapping Pussy. Extreme Insertion Sex.
Running Time: 43.00
Extreme Pussy Insertions Pictures
This is how we prepare lunch over here
extreme object intertion pussy saussage fucking extreme pussy g-spot

big glass dildo pussy fuckingGlass Dildo Weird and Dangerous Fucking Insertions.

Dangerous Extreme Penetrations with Glass dildoes. After shopping around MissXtreme found herself some glass dildos. Oblivious to the fact that they are not plain massive glass dildoes but very thin candle holders and that they can break easily...she rams it up her hole, stimulating her G-Spot with this ribbed home made Glass Dildo and make herself come all over the place.
Running Time: 15 mn
Glass Dildo Pussy Insertions Pictures
Hardcore Ribbed Glass Dildo
glass dildo fuck beautifull glass dildo puddy fuck extreme glass dildo fucking
Ripping out Vagina and G-Spot!!!

glass dildoExtreme Glass Dildo Pussy Fucking Insertion

MissXtreme is getting fuck with a bigger Glass Dildo. This one is a Huge 6,5 centimeters diameter candle holder. It makes her so juicy that the big end of the dildo is making a very nice suction noise, just like a good fisting. Her Pussy is getting a good stretching as the action is getting relentless and she is now on all four. Finaly to celebrate her orgasum the candle is lit up. Object Pussy Fucking.
Running Time: 10 mn
Big Glass Dildo Pussy Insertions Pictures
The Suction is Incredible with that Glass Dildo
big glass dildo fuck glass dildo pussy fuck giant glass dildo pussy insertions
You will never forget THIS SOUND!!!

baseball bat fuckingFirst Time Base Ball Bat Pussy Fucking Insertion

MissXtreme Monster Hard Wood Dildo. What a lucky day! We just found a local baseball bat. There was no way we would let this one get out alive, we bought it on the spot. MissXtreme couldn't wait to get back home and try it. Now fully spreaded she is ready for the BaseBall bat insertion, this thing is huge and she screams in pain as the baseball bat starts to ravage her... Extreme Object Sex
Running Time: 10 mn
First Time BaseBall Bat Insertion Pictures
She loved it ! Impaling herself Fully!
baseball bat in pussy baseball bat in pussy extreme base ball bat fucking
Base Ball Bat Dildo third Leg or Wooden leg?!!!

base ball bat fuck Baseball Bat Extreme Pussy Fucking Insertion

MissXtreme Monster Hard Wood Dildo Penetration. Now that she loves the feeling of her baseballbat ravaging her insides MissXtreme is fucking the monster hard wood dildo..Standing up... She now impales herslef, siting up on the huge dildo, using it as a third leg and pumping herslef up and down until her legs are shaking from exhaustion and her Ravaged Pussy is satisfied. Extreme Sex !
Running Time: 6 mn
Base Ball Bat Insertion Pictures
Now all Oiled Up the Base Ball Bat
base ball bat in pussy base ball bat pussy insertion fuck base ball bat in pussy

deep fistingExtreme Deep Pussy Fisting, Vaginal Stretching

MissXtreme Likes Fast and Furious Deep Fisting.
Today, it's Heavy Fisting. MissXtreme is really going for it, mixing pain and pleasure as she spread herself wide open to better receive the fist in her stretched vagina, she moans for it to stop and go on at the same time. She is distended till her pussy lips are surrendering. Monster close up: Deep Extreme Pussy Fisting !
Running Time: 8.22 mn
Fisting Sample Pictures
Look at How Much she enjoy THE FIST
deep pussy fisting deep pussy fisting deep pussy fisting
Extreme Deep Pussy Fisting

4 finger fistingCunilingus & Pussy Fisting

MissXtreme Gets a Very Long Cunilingus Then Gets Deep Fisting
MissXtreme is playing to much computer games. MajorTom had enough!!! This got to stop.He first start to eat her tits,then slide his head under the keyboard to eat her pussy. Cunilingus She really likes it very much.After her first orgasm, her Master begins the fingering then a full, up to the wrist fisting.
Running Time: 32 mn

fistingPussy Fisting MissXtreme First Time Pussy Fisting

She asked to be fisted, so I obliged!!!4 fingers, then five, are going to enter her tunnel of love. But for added pleasure, a big piercing rod is first inserted in her peehole.8 fingers gaping, before deep fisting...up to the wrist. Deep fisting and pee-hole tourment. This is her fist time ever fisting and she screams in pain as her pussy wall are getting stretched and teared upmonster close ups.
Running Time: 20 mn

G-spotG-Spot Show MissXtreme G-Spot Close up Show

MissXtreme Got The biggest G-Spot
MissXtreme got a huge G-Spot, it must account for the way she comes. Fast engorged with bl00d, it quickly become a huge bulb one and a half inch inside her vagina. The more you rub it or suck on it the bigger it gets. Then once at it' maximal volume it becomes easy for MissXtreme to push it out her vagina.
Running Time: 4 mn

pussy shavingPussy Shaving

MissXtreme Shaving her Pussy. She is taking her sweet time tending to her intimate toilet. Having a nice clean fresh shaved pussy is one of her little plaisure. Taking great care to get it all nice and smooth without a single hair left, she is shaving close to the skin but cannot resit having a little razor handle insertion at the end of the movie.
Running Time: 16 mn
Pussy Shaving Pictures
Nice Clean Neat Pussy
pussy shaving pussy shaving rasor in pussy
Ready to be ABUSED!!!

speculum in pussy close up viewVaginal Speculum G-Spot Pussy Dynamics

MissXtreme enjoys looking at her G-spot and deep inside her Pussy with her Speculum. She gives You an incomparable and intimate view of her swollen G-Spot, Clitoris, Pee Hole and Vagina. Moving the camera as close as possible, MissXtreme shows you up close and personal every details of her secret anatomy. Then rips out the speculum, still fully opened, from her Cunt.
Running Time: 7 mn
Speculum Close Ups Pictures
speculum vagina speculum expose clitoris speculum
Only GYNO!!!

pee pissingCatheter Pissing PeeHole Penetration, Extreme Pee Hole

MissXtreme is Making a Pissing Drink for you.
A catheter, a tulip wine glass, and a bladder full of piss. That is all what MissXtreme needs to show you one of the weirdest pissing movie you will ever see anywhere The 15 inches long catheter is introduced up her pee hole. She fills glasses after glasses with beautiful piss. Pee Hole Cathether Insertion and Pissing.
Running Time: 20 mn

clitoris pumpingClitoris Pumping BDSM

MissXtreme Clitoris Pumping. After adapting a 5 cc syringe to the Pussy Pump hose, MissXtreme is Pumping up her Clitoris, pierced by the Devil Ring, and her Clitoris Hood a full 1 inch up the syringe. Soon the Clitoris Hood is getting engorged in bl00d and get that "Jelly" effect that only a Pussy Pump can provide. Extreme closeups of the Clitoris Pumping action..
Running Time: 18 mn
Clitoris Vacumm Pumping Pictures
Look at that Clitoris Hood getting the PUMP
clitoris pump clitoris piercing pumped pussy lips
Nice Swollen Clitoris Hood!!!

pussy pumpingPussy Pumping Camel Toe BDSM

MissXtreme is Pumping her Pussy with her new Pussy Pump. Catching her whole Pussy with it, she is pumping furiously until her big lips, inner pussy lips, Clitoris and Clitoris Hood, this time sporting the Devil Ring are sucked up al the way again the Pussy Pump plastic cup. She achieved a nice Camel Toe with the beautifull "Jelly" look that only Extreme Pussy Pumping can bring.
Running Time: 4 mn
Pussy Vacuum Pumping Pictures
Vaccuum Pussy Lips Pumping
pussy pumping camel toe pussy pumping camel toe
He Voila...A Nice Camel Toe!!!

self pussu fingeringHeavy Self Pussy Fingering & Self Pussy Fisting

MissXtreme is Self Fingering her Pussy, showing You what a girl likes and how it should be done. Playing with her G-Spot, she inserts 2,3 then 4 for fingers up her Cunt. Masturbating herself into a wet mess, she then start some Self Fisting, On her back then on all four she gives You the perfect view and Pussy gaping close up shots that You like so much. Self Pussy Fisting.
Running Time:11 mn
Self Fingering Pictures
Always Nice to force a girl to Masturbate in front of You
pussy piercing self pussy fingering self pussy fingering
Then girl Her!!!

diaper extremeExtreme Diapers & Milk Fetish

MissXtreme is in her naughty Baby mood. Milk Bottle and Diapers are the orders of the day. Wearing her Diaper MissXtreme is gently suckeling her milk bottle, before starting to spread the white milk all over her Tits and Pussy getting her Diaper all wet. Not be able to resit any more she starts to fuck herself with the milk bottle...Big End First...For Diaper & Milk Fetish Lovers.
Running Time: 31 mn
Extreme Milk & Diaper Fetish Pictures
She is a Messy Naughty Baby
diaper extreme diaper extreme diaper extreme
You Got To Punish HER!!!

bottle insertionCoke Bottle Ass & Coke Bottle Pussy Fucking Insertions

MissXtreme Ass & Pussy Coke Bottle Insertions. MissXtreme really likes when her ass and pussy bleeds and hurts. Today she needs pain again!!! So first, she fucks that 250 cc bottle of Coke in her pussy then her ass. Her Master, seeing that she didn't fully came, helps her to fully reach orgasm with a 4 finger ass fisting. That movie end's up in a bl00dy Mess. MissXtreme is really happy...
Running Time: 14 mn

coke bottle insertionCoke Bottle Pussy Fucking Insertions -Big End First-

MissXtreme Coke Bottle Insertion. Big End First! Yes, MissXteme is torturing her pussy With her favorite 250 cc Coke bottle. Big end first.
She loves extreme insertions. EXtreme Object Fucking and Bleeding insertions !!!
Her Master finishes her off with a fast and furious Extreme Bottle Pussy Fucking.
That is one nasty piece of work!
Running Time: 12 mn

suspended by the titsLactation in Bondage MissXtreme

Hardcore f0rced Lactation In Extreme Bondage. MissXtreme Tits are in Hard Bondage. First she is milking herself into a glass. Then, with her Tits in even Harder Bondage, she is made to endure some f0rced Milking, till the last drop. Now she is lifted by her Tits right off the bed. All purple and red from the Hard Rope Bondage her Tits are hurting bad, MissXtreme Screams in Pain.
Running Time: 15mn
Tits Bondage, Suspention tourments Pictures
How much Pulling, Tits Can Take Before Getting Ripped Out?
tits bondage tits bondage milking suspended by bondage tits
That is the Question!!!

tits milkingLactagarden Lactation Outdoors

MissXtreme this time, is taken outdoors, in the garden, looking over the sea, to get milked. Sitting in the hamok, she squeezes out the precious liquid, letting it drip all over herself. Her breast are juicy and nipples swollen, they are gently but firmly cohersed to give it all away. No satisfation until the last drops of milk is out. A nice video for Tits Milking Fetish Lovers
Running Time: 3.55mn
Laction Milking Pictures
I need Madeleines
tits milking f0rced lactation needles pussy tourment
And a Cup of Chocolate!!!

tits squeezingLactation and Milking 1

Lactation and Milk Play. MissXtreme 2 big Juicy Breasts are full of milk and in an urgent need for a good milking. At first, she squeezes them gently and suckles her own Milk right out her hard nipples. Then, pressing her boobs as hard as she can, up to the point of pain, she let the milk run along her body and legs. Closeup shots of the Milk oozing out from her Nipples.
Running Time: 9.30mn
Lactation & Milking tourments Pictures
Precious Sweet White Gold
tits squeezing needles pussy tourment lactating breast
I need to Squeeze it OUT!!!

vegetable pussy fuckingEgg Plant Pussy Extreme Pussy Insertions

MissXtreme as got herself a 35 cm long egg plant. The vegetable is nicely curved, just the right way to stimulate her G-Spot. Ridding the big vegetable MissXtreme is impaling herself deep. Still nor able to come, she surrenders to her Master, getting on all four and spreding herself wide. Now she is getting fucked hard, deep, fast and violently by the huge vegetable. Here She comes.
Running Time: 10 mn
Vegetable Pussy Fucking Pictures
eegplant in pussy fucking courgette in pussy egg plant pussy extreme insertions
Your Table is Served!!!

vegetable fuckingDouble Vegetable Pussy and Anal Insertion

Insertions MissXtreme With 2 Huge Vegies Double Insertion
MissXtreme comes back from the market with 2 huge veggies and a big naughty smile on her face. 15 inches long 2 and half inches in diameter, these are monstrous. She then proceed to stuff her wet pussy, she has to push hard to get it in. Her ass gets some too…but it hurts…it's so big….Extreme Vegetable Fucking.
Running Time:15 mn

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