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Extreme Insertions,Fisting, Pee Hole Insertions, Pussy Stretching and Tortures

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anal fruit insertionAnal Destruction Extreme Anal Object Insertions

When the movie starts MissXtreme as already been Fisted up the Ass for 20 minutes. Now the real systematic destruction of her Ass is on. Huge Bottles, Balloons, Fruits, Hard Glass Dildoes are mercelessly inserted deep in her RoseButt, over and over,' till it surrenders amids MissXtreme's screams. As a reward a Full Can of Energy Drink is inserted up her Pussythen she gets a good Pussy and Anal Fisting.And That is only part #1

Running Time: 50 mn

figging Figging; A Ginger Root up the Arse

Figging is the art of stimulating the anal hole with a ginger root. In this movie, she is fucking herself with a collection of huge vegetables, make tomato juice using her pussy as a juice maker and get her ass into a bloody mess.

Running Time: 60 mn

japanese bondage Japanese Bondage+Pussy Insertion+ Catheter Pissing

MissXtreme is getting initiated to the japanese bondage 'Crotch rope shibari". She is suspended, pussy and ass fucked with the long pole dildo.
She is then inserted with a catheter filled up with 500 cc and invited to piss it out over and over and over. The BicyFuck...Home made Fucking Machine !!!

Running Time: 100 mn

brush in vaginaJapanese Brush & Bottle and Object Pussy Insertions.

MissXtreme is Fucking her Pussy with a Wooden Japanese Hair Brush, Then she Finished distroying her Pussy With a Furious Bottle Insertion.

Running Time: 40 mn

pussy clamp torturesPussy Stretching Bladder Control with Extreme Insertions
Part # 1

MissXtreme is tied up to the Torture Post with her tits in hard bondage. Her Pussy lips are tortured with clamps and weights. Then her bladder is filled up with 500 cc, locked up. She will now indure 50 mn of bladder control while her ass and pussy are getting violated with extreme objects insertions...then another 50 mn of violations in Part #2

Running Time: 62 mn

pee hole stretching Pussy Stretching Bladder Control with Extreme Pee Hole Insertions Part # 2

In Part #2 the violations of her orifices are multiplied. Pussy, Ass, Peehole are all penetrated with Speculums, Dildoes, and 8 Cottons Buds are inserted into her Pee Hole, stretching it to the limit. Her Ass Hole prolapse is stretched wide with the Speculum, allowing a great inside view, inserted with dildoes, then finaly, her Rose Butt is sodomized...

Running Time: 50 mn

anal insertions
Ass Day Extreme Coke Bottle Anal Insertions

Ass day is a celebration of anal pleasure.
MissXtreme is distroying her asshole with a nice collection of bottle...including a big Gatorade bottle ...

Running Time: 50 mn

fucking machine Bicyfuck Home Made Fucking Machine

MissXtreme is getting a BRUTAL pussy and ass fucking session with a kid bicycle that we modified into a fucking machine. THE BICYFUCK
She is getting fucked so hard that her pussy lips are getting all swollen. She then use the pussy pump to get them even bigger, get brutaly bicyfucked again...in the ass this time.

Running Time: 60 mn

extreme object insertions Pee Hole Pussy and Anal Extreme Object Insertions

MissXtreme is Stretching her Pee Hole with some Rods that she pounds in with The Hammer !. The Bottle Brush is then inserted deep into her vagina.The Foley Catheter is ripped out from her Pee Hole, The Giant Paint Brush inserted. Big Dildoes are inserted into her wet pussy as well as a Speculum and 60 cm of Heavy Chain. Pussy torture with bottle brush

Running Time: 35 mn

balloon games fetish Balloon Pussy Insertions Fetish. Ass & Pussy Stretching
Fisting Fucking

MissXtreme is inserting all kind of blown up Party Balloons in her Ass & Pussy. Burst them up with a needle. Fuck The Balloon Pump out of rage, then gets a Deep Pussy Fisting and a good Fucking to conclude. That is what we call a nice afternoon around here.

Running Time: 60 mn

extreme dildo in puss Dildo Fest Home Made Dildoes and Sybian Pussy Fucking.

MissXtreme is using The Terminator, Big Bottles, The Pump, Milk Bottles to warm up then she uses the trapeze to better sit on the home made Sybian and fuck her pussy silly

Running Time: 50 mn

hammer in pussyInflatable Balloon Huge Dildo and Hammer In Pussy

MissXtreme is fucking herself with longneck bottles, a new inflatable toy balloon with spykes, some huge dildo that she hammers into her pussy before fucking the hammer itself, straight up the ass.

Running Time: 50 mn

anal stretching Extreme Pussy and Anal Stretching Extreme Object Insertion

MissXtreme is getting a nice Pussy Stretching with Pegs, Then the Water Balloon Pussy Expansions, then EXTREME ANAL STRETCHING with a FULL 500CC Water Balloon. Her ASS is getting all Exploded!
A must for Anal Tortures Lovers.

Running Time: 30 mn

water balloon pussy torture Pussy Stretching Water Balloon Pussy Penetration Expansions

Sex Slave gets Massive Pussy Stretching with Water Balloon .
Extreme Pussy Insertion, It's her first time with BDSM Torture, so of course She enjoy it...the pain I mean....She will be back for more. Look at at spreaded Vagina..That Sex Slave will need more...Once is never enough!

Running Time: 40 mn

weird  extreme insertion Big Saussage Pussy Insertions

MissXtreme Big Saussage Insertion. Weird Extreme Insertions Food Fetish. Extreme Penetration

Running Time: 33 mn

glass dildo Glass Dildo Extreme Pussy Insertion

MissXtreme Weird Glass Dildo Insertion.

Extreme Penetrations with a big Glass dildo

Running Time: 15 mn

glass dildo Glass Dildo Pussy Insertions

MissXtreme Weird Glass Dildo Insertion.
Then the candle is set on fire...

Running Time: 10 mn

monster dildo Baseball Bat Extreme Pussy Insertion


MissXtreme Monster Hard Wood Dildo. First Time Insertion

Running Time: 10 mn

hard wood dildo Baseball Bat Extreme Pussy Insertion. Huge Penetration

MissXtreme Monster Hard wood Dildo Extreme penetration Insertion

Running Time: 6 mn

speculum Pussy Speculum Insertion


Missxtreme enjoys looking at her G-spot and deep inside her Pussy

Running Time: 7 mn

bottle insertion Coke Bottle Extreme Pussy Insertion

MissXtreme Ass & Pussy Coke Bottle Insertions
MissXtreme really likes when her ass and pussy bleeds and hurts. Today she needs pain again!!! So first, she fucks that 250 cc bottle of Coke in her pussy then her ass. Her Master, seeing that she didn't fully came, helps her to fully reach orgasm with a 4 finger ass fisting. That movie end's up in a bloody mess. MissXtreme is really happy.

Running Time: 14 mn

bottle insertion Coke 2 Coke Bottle Pussy Insertions

MissXtreme Coke Bottle Insertion. Big End First!
Yes, MissXteme is torturing her pussy With her favorite 250 cc Coke bottle. Big end first. She loves extreme bottles insertions. Bleeding insertions ! Her Master finishes her off with a fast and furious dildoing. That is one nasty piece of work!

Running Time: 12 mn

vegie insertion EggPlant Vegetable Pussy Insertions

MissXtreme Vegies Egg Plant Insertion

Running Time: 10 mn

vegetable fucking Vegetable Pussy Insertions

MissXtreme With 2 Huge Vegies
MissXtreme comes back from the market with 2 huge veggies and a big naughty smile on her face. 15 inches long 2 and half inches in diameter, these are monstrous. She then proceed to stuff her wet pussy, she has to push hard to get it in. Her ass gets some too…but it hurts…it's so big…

Running Time: 15 mn

pussy insertions TV Remote Control Pussy Insertion

MissXtreme TV Remote Control Insertion

Running Time: 10 mn

Weird insertion Satelite Remote Extreme Pussy Insertion

MissXtreme Satelite Remote Control Insertion

Running Time: 7mn

bondage Movie 1 First Times Insertions

MissXtreme First Times First time she sees a camera . . . . But she doesn't get shy. First, the electric dildo, full speed, Then 2 dildos in her pussy, Full
close up view, gapping, stretching, Four fingers insertions follows. Her first time Water Balloon torture; Pussy expansion with 500cc Water Balloon, Many times, till she likes it... A good fast bottle insertion to cool her down. Then water balloon again, she asked for it, Before some fucking, then Water Balloon, Standing on all four this time...

Running Time: 50mn

dildoes Terminator1 Extreme Home Made Dildo

MissXtreme Impales Herself on The Terminator Home Made Extreme Dildo MissXtreme is impaling herself on some monster home made dildo: The Terminator listen to her panting of pleasure and pain as the Terminator rips her inside
out. The electric dildo is then inserted and she finishes herself off Full close-ups on the pink.

Running Time: 20 mn

pussy stretching Water Balloon Pussy Stretching

MissXtremee's Friend is a long Cunilungus then the Water Balloon Pussy Stretching Extreme Penetrations

Running Time: 20 mn

water balloon pussy expansion Water Explosion Extreme Pussy Stretching

Water Balloon Pussy Expensions Weird Extreme Fetish Hardcore Pussy Torture Trying hard to get the third Wooden ball in; twisting, pushing hard. Some water balloon expansions will help! Miss K switches to the huge water balloon and make last the stretching as long as she can! She is wide open, screaming, the balloon fully expended but the sharp scorpion ring and its dart is dangerously close to it, too close, water explosion ensue! Now fully expended she tries again to fit the Mooloochin and it's 3 wooden balls fully in!

Running Time: 35 mn

extreme insertion Chopsticks Insertion in Pussy

MissXtreme is Testing; How many Chopsticks can fit in my Pussy?
Aafter opening a few packets of chopsticks Takes the first one and torture her pee hole...until it bleed… Never having enough pain, she is now sticks an incredible number of chopsticks in her pink tunnel of love. She likes it so much, that she keeps on asking for more. Her legs are bonded so she cannot escape the pain. How many chopsticks MissXtreme's pussy can take???? We won't tell you!!! You will have to count them ourself…

Running Time: 35 mn

pussy torture Pussy Stretching with 69 Shopsticks + First Time Fisting

69 Shopsticks in her Pussy Well this kind of Extreme Object Pussy Insertions...it hurts...a lot..and this Sex Slave...she is a Screamer...You have been warned! After the Chopsticks I start to dildo her with the Terninator, give her her
FIRST TIME FISTING and Finishes her with The BaseBall Bat Dildo. A bussy afternoon for this Sex Slave

Running Time: 42 mn

bottle pussy insertion Fanta Versus Coke Bottle Pussy Insertion

MissXtreme is Playing Fanta versus Coke Bottle Insertions
MissXtreme is interested in comparing Fanta bottle versus Coke bottle for her pussy bottle fucking satisfation index . MajorTom is first fucking her wildly with a 250 cc rimed Fanta bottle. After pissing though the catheter, she then stick the Fanta bottle in her pussy big end first. The 2 and ¼ inch diameter bottle is spreading her pink parts.
Now she is trying the 250 cc Coke bottle, sitting on it to impale herself deeper

Running Time: 30 mn

knive in pussy Knife in Pussy

MissXtreme likes dangerous games
MissXtreme is stuffing her pussy with MajorTom knife. After stretching her clitoris hood to the limit. She likes to feel the danger off playing with the sharp edge on her lips.
She then penetrated her vagina with this dagger. Using the blade to slice a tomato, she is preparing lunch ! She is one weird penetrations chick.

Running Time: 9 mn

anal insertion Coke Bottle, Cone, PeeHole Insertion and Gaping

MissXtreme gives you a full display of her weird Insertion At Full Closeup range.

Running Time: 15 mn

double extreme insertion Water Balloon Ass and Pussy Torture

MissXtreme is getting Ass and Pussy expansion with a Double Water balloon After eating Viagra, she wants to see if her clitoris, is bigger than
usual. Aspeculum would be best to look closely at what is going on Have her pussy. Lot of pink close ups. A finger on her exposed swollen G-Spot, she is starting to cum. Look like the blue pill is working. The real fun starts, a Double Water balloon expansion Ass and Pussy, she make it last, pumping in and out..If the balloon eject, she starts again, and again and again, till she get the perfect expansion orgasm.

Running Time: 35 mn

double extreme insertion

Double Dildo and speculum Pussy and Ass Hole Play

MissXtreme is Playing with her 2 Holes.
MissXtreme after some heavy fingering of her ass and pussy.
Introduce the speculum in her vagina,
and come so close to the camera that you can see her pink insides, like you have never been seeing it before. Then she stuff the cone up her ass and stretched open it a full 2 inches. Double wammy!!! You can see it all. That is one dirty movie.

Running Time: 18 mn

anal insertion Broken Dildo

MissXtreme Breaks her Hardwood Dildo
MissXtreme is always going very hard with her pussy dynamics experiments.
She is using her favorite dildo; The Mooloochin. A home made, 3 hard wood 2 inches pearls, stuck on a stick. Pushing it as hard as she can, she torture her vagina.
When she decides to sit on it to get it even deeper. She break it in 2. She is a hardcore kind of girl.

Running Time: 16 mn

anal extreme insertion Anal Extreme Insertion Hard Wood Home Made Dildo

MissXtreme is Sticking the Big 3 Pearls hard wood Dildo up her Ass after streching It with The ConeA big wooden 3 pearls dildo after some hard pushing finally gets into her ass... But first she got to open her tight hole with a transparent
cone... And with her bonded legs, it's not that easy, monster close ups, lots of pink.

Running Time: 21mn

clitoris stretching Clitoris Pulling + Mooloochin

MissXtreme Stretching her Clitoris Hood..so you get a better view of the Massive 3 Pearls Hard Wood Dildo.With 3 Rings under the hood; The Snake Eyes, The Scorpion and the Devil Ring, And bonded legs, she can't escape!
The Pain of Pleasure, The Pleasure of Pain. That chain pulling on the Devil ring sure hurts a bit. The Mooloochin, a big wooden dildo, is inserted.

Running Time: 6 mn

anal stretching Ass Stretching Anal Expansion

Pussy & Ass Stretching with Gapping
Cone Insertions

Extreme Gaping, Extreme Closeups

Running Time: 15 mn

double dildo insertions Play Alone Ass & Pussy Dildo Insertion

MissXtreme Sticking a Dildo up her Pussy and Anther one up Her Ass. Extreme Dildo cunt and ass Penetration MissXtreme like to look inside her pussy, gyno style. Spreading herself with a speculum. She can get a better view of G-Spot with this Weird Insertions . She insert as well an electric dildo up her ass, to stimulate it even better. Fully impaling herself for your viewing pleasure.

Running Time: 8 mn

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